Società Agricola F.lli Cassese s.s., owner of Masseria del Duca, is surely one of the largest and most varied farms in Italy and Europe, because it has added to the traditional agricultural and farming activities a transformation and sale chain for its products, which are summed up below:


Farming chain

  • Bovine farming: production of milk from the rearing of around 250 animals, of which 120 are Friesian dairy cows , which is transformed entirely in the farm dairy into over 20 different kinds of dairy products;
  • Avicultural farming: daily production of around 100,000 eggs from around 120,000 animals, which are selected and packed in the farm, in the packing centre.

Agricultural chain

  • Olive oil production: over 40,000 olive trees (both age-old and young) grow over more than 200 ha in the farm, in whose modern oil mill around 5,000-6,000 quintals of extra virgin olive oil are produced yearly. In the olive grove it is possible to find a wide range of trees, among which “frantoio”, “coratine”, “leccine”, “pesciolen”, “nostrane” and “cime di melfi”. Società Agricola F.lli Cassese s.s. is the also the largest organic olive oil company in the province of Taranto. The farm produces extra virgin olive oil only, the pre-eminently oil; this quality oil is got out of the olive fruit, only through mechanical processes and without undergoing any treatment different from the washing, the setting, the centrifugation and the filtering.

Biological chain

  • In accordance with the suspension time provided for by the law in force, manure, whey and amurca have always been used as fertilizers for the soil with the aim of managing the soil with organic methods.


The above-mentioned activities yield products like eggs, extra virgin olive oil, and dairy products that, once packed, are sold in the national and international markets via the farm’s own sale network, in addition to direct sale in some owned shops. The most important datum regarding this dynamic farm surely is the occupational one. The farm has in fact 50 direct employees and a turnover of over 2 million Euros per year, which induces considerable economic activities. The farm spreads out over around 400 hectares, and is characterised by a green hill covered with pastures, maquis shrubland, and woods, which surround a luxuriant plain where around 30,000 magnificent age-old olive trees and over 10,000 young olive trees grow, creating an evocative landscape.


Via A. Grandi, 11 – 74023 Grottaglie (TA) - ITALY

Tel. +39 099 5612419  Fax +39 099 5612419

Web address: Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Founded (year): 1984

Business sector: Cheese and Olive Oil


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