The company owns an ancient winery complete of a small oenological laboratory and enormous tanks in S. Antonio Street intersecting to A. Cartaginese Street near the railway station of Mansuria. Into this building, dating back to the beginning of the Twentieth century, for around a century have been vinified grapes of quality: Primitivo di Manduriaand others native varieties ideal prerequisite for the production and bottling of excellent red and rosè wine

sold in the cities of northern Italy, as well as, in France and Switzerland and where, even today on the footsteps of the old vine-growing tradition of the family, we keep on producing wines that distinguish themselves for their superior quality.


The agricultural farm “Antiche Terre del Salento” represents the continuity of a long peasant tradition that has been handed down to us since the fifteenth century.

Precious heritage of the company are the family’s ancient vineyards at “alberello” of native varieties that are still cultivated by hand and to which work and attention are dedicated every day with the care and the passion of a time.

The philosophy of the company is that the wines must be excellent but, above all, unique, provided of the typicalness that only these lands facing the sea and bathed by sun can express.


Via Stefano Bizantino, 30 – 74024 Manduria (TA) - ITALY

Tel. +39 099 9795879 Fax +39 099 9795879

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Founded (year): 2005

Business sector: Wine


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