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According to ICE’s data, in the first half of 2010 Hong Kong’s imports from Italy have registered +32.43% relative to the same period in 2009, with 2.53 billion U.S.D in value and a share of 1, 22%. Hong Kong’s exports to Italy (re-exports + national products) are down by 1, 38%, with 1.77 billion and a share of 0, 94%.

Hong Kong’s imports from the world have increased by 32.37% with 208.09 billion USD and exports by 23.67% with 186.78 billion in value.

Among the EU countries suppliers of Hong Kong, Italy is in third place after Germany and the United Kingdom, that have respectively registered: +26,30% and +6,52%, with a market share of 1,70% and 1,33%. Among European countries, France is in fourth place, after Italy, has registered +36.32% and a share of 1, 18%.

Hong Kong’s exports showed: China (+34.24%), United States (+12.78%), Japan (+18.95%), United Kingdom (-28.89%) and India (+44.28%) are in order the best five recipient countries. Italy is in 17th place with -1.38%. The European Union, second after China among the recipient countries, has registered -4.69%. Among EU countries, Italy is the fifth buyer after the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland and France.

It is possible to observe the trend, in order of value, of the best 15 main product categories imported in Hong Kong from Italy: leather clothing +55.93%, + clothing 26.49%, skins and furs +42.18%, yarns and fabrics +16.53%, machinery and electrical machinery +24.95%, jewelry +40.90%, handicrafts +69.82%, chemical products and raw materials +35.73%, footwear +28.43%, food and wine products and tobacco +12.92%, transport +36.14 %, optical products +37.95%, metals and metal products +49.64%, cosmetics +95.32%, furniture and lighting items +8.58%.

In June 2010, Hong Kong has re-exported goods to the world from different countries of origin, corresponding to 178.81 billion. USD (+26.30%), which 1.18 billion. of Italian origin, 106.48 billion of Chinese origin and 71.5 billion of origin of other countries. The best five recipient countries are in order: China with 96.50 billion. (34.42%%), which 889.91 million of Italian origin, the United States with 18.44 billion. (+13.08%), Japan with 7.52 billion. (+19.06%), Germany with 4.59 billion. (-5.24%) and India with 4.53 billion. (+45.53%). The value of the products re-exported to the EU amounts to 19.34 billion. USD, with a share of 10.81% (+4.57%).

The incidence of re-exports from Hong Kong to Italy amounts to 1.72 billion USD with -1.84%, compared to first half of 2009, in order of value and for the most important.

The value of products of Chinese origin re-exported from Hong Kong to our country is 1.65 billion (95.71%), upon the whole of 1.72 billion USD.


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