The Partnership

The partnership between Italy and Hong Kong remains stable, with a total exchange of 4.29 billion U.S.D. in the first half of 2010.


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Hong Kong represents a "window" and a strategic market for Italian products both in terms of consumer goods and capital goods, and offers important possibilities for the Made in Italy and business projecton from near and wider regional market.

Hong Kong’s porducts related to the Italian style are the personal (clothing, leather goods, jewelry, optical and footwear) and wine and food products, that represent together more than 50% of imports from Italy to Hong Kong.

Both the fashion and wine and food enjoy advertising, using the Italian stores and restaurants. Totally there are about 300 one brand stores ("shop in shop" included) in Hong Kong and about a hundred Italian restaurants, some of which have only the Italian name.

Despite the limited size of the territory and population (7 million) the market for domestic consumption is particularly receptive to luxury goods (status symbols), both for the person and for the home, not only for the affluence of middle and upper classes but also for cultural reasons. This receptivity is also expanded to the large flow of visitors from Hong Kong - increased by citizens of the PRC - which continues to have the traditional place of "consumer paradise". In almost all sectors, Hong Kong also plays an important role in brokering and transit in regional field.

Hong Kong has a privileged place, thanks to the fabric of local businesses, as a platform for China and a pass key of the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong province,  with which is pursued a strategy of increasing integration.

Guangdong Province, and in particular the Pearl River Delta (PRD), is with the Yangtze River one of the two most important productive areas in the PRC and one of the largest centres of industrial development. It is by far the province with highest GDP and income per capita in all of China. Some of its cities, or certain specific districts, are characterized by a large concentration of production in some specific areas, in which they hold a high market share of total national production. The relocation of production in Guangdong and the trading by firms in Hong Kong are the result of the this development.

It is possible to consider these elements for the Italian companies that intend to proceed with relocation of production in China or that are interested in buying components and semi-finished products or that intend to have business relationships with local companies both for the provision of licenses and patents, and for operations of third party, exports of technology, marketing at end users of machinery and, in general, for all strategic marketing process direct to enter  into the Chinese market.


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